"Go Braves"
Dave Mills, Head Cross Country Coach
Boise High School

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5A Girls – Team

Borah all the way while Skyline and Mtn View might make it close it will be very difficult for them to contend with Borah?s one, two punch, and their 3. 4 and 5 are running better than they have all season. Skyline just doesn?t pack close enough together and Mtn. View has no front runners. Capital could sneak past either Skyline or Mtn. View if all goes well for them.

5A Girls – Individuals

Gempler. All other are just hoping although she?s a freshmen she has senior experience and runs best when she?s pushed she knows this course well and might just embarrass the rest of the field!

5A Boys – Team

Probably the toughest race of the day to predict. While two of Borah?s top 5 are Frosh they like their female teammate have more experience than most seniors, and even if they falter somewhat their teammates know the sting of not even qualifying for state. Given that, Borah should pull out a narrow victory over Highland and defending champs Idaho Falls, but watch out for Centennial and Skyline. Any team that scores less than 90 points will win.

5A Boys – Individuals

Boone or Batch, Batch or Boone. If last weeks District 3 meet was any predictor it will come right down to the wire. While there may be quite a few pretenders barring a disaster these two will battle to the finish.

4A Girls – Team

BK or Hillcrest, Hillcrest or BK. Black Knights or Red Knights? After last year I think BK has the edge because the meet is closer to home and the two seniors have done a great job or leading their teammates.

4A Girls – Individuals

Just like horse racing it?s tough to bet against bloodlines Katie O?Neil?s aunt is the Idaho legend Ellen Lyons, then Brosh and Carter.

4A Boys – Team

Hillcrest, BK, Century in that order.

4A Boys – Individuals

Wolfe, Wolfe, Wolfe. Everyone else will be running for 2nd.

3A Girls – Team

Bear Lake in a cake walk. Saw them twice and both times they didn?t flinch when running against the 5 and 4A?s

3A Girls – Individuals

Eborn, Davidson, Timothy in any order you?d like they will lead their teammates to victory.

3A Boys – Team

Gooding they have prepared themselves to finally reach the summit, followed by Snake River then Teton.

3A Boys – Individuals

Eborn for a possible family sweep. Saw him three times this season and he impressed two out of the three. Besides I won?t pick against his grandpa Dick Stickle, former head of the IHSAA.

2A/1A Girls – Team

Are you kidding? FIRTH period end of sentence.

2A/1A Girls – Individuals

Pick a Puga.

2A/1A Boys – Team

See 2A/1A Girls above.

2A/1A Boys – Individuals

It?s a crap shoot so I?ll roll the dice with Shuler then Clayson and Price in no particular order.

From Steve Anderson

Firth boys will win again and the Firth Girls will be in for a battle but
will bring home a banner

Gooding boys were so close last year and with there top 5 running so close
together I don't think they will be stopped.

on the girls side I think Bear Lake is going to win but it will be close
watch out for Preston.

Bishop Kelly is running tough right now I predict a boys and girls sweep at
state for the knights

Borah has beat them once I don't see why they can't do it again.

As for the girls Mountain View is the team to watch.

Sean S. Schmidt
Skyline Cross Country

I will not predict the 5A's.

2A's Firth will win both with no trouble. To predict against them would be like picking the Cubs to make it to the playoffs.
3A's I don't know enough about the boys, so I will go out on a limb and say that Teton will come out of nowhere and win. The Bear Lake girls will be the champions this year.
4A's It will be difficult for anyone to beat the Hillcrest Knights. So Knights of the east first and the Knights of the west second. And I know this will make a couple of girls mad at me but the the girl Knights of the west first and the girl Knights of the east second.