Idaho State Championship Predictions

Once again this year I'm going to stick my neck out there and make some predictions. Some of these predictions might go against the rankings or previous results, but I'll have some fun doing it. If you want to send in your predictions I'll post them for fun.


Boys Team Predictions: Firth has won 6 straight titles and seems to be headed for their 7th title after easily winning the Bob Firman and not being seriously challenged by any 1A/2A team this year. Possible spoilers for Firth seem to be McCall-Donnelly or Malad (with a healthy Steve Atkinson). One thing I know is anything can happen at State, and that is what makes State so great.

Boys Individuals: I think this is going to be an outstanding race, but very hard to predict. There is no clear favorite, but right now Keane Shuler(Soda) seems to be running the strongest. Keane(jr) will probably get out fast and be chased by Trevor Price(Malad), Nathan Clayson(Firth), Jake Peterson(Firth), Steve Atkinson (Malad), Patrick Teaford(Troy), and Kayle Earley(McCall). It will certainly come down to who wants this one more!

Girls Team Predictions: Most of you know I'm the coach at Firth so I'm trying to not be too biased, but once again the Firth ladies look prepared to repeat as titlist in 2003. They led the group of class B Idaho teams at Bob Firman, and seem to be improving. Ririe, Nampa Christian, and Soda Springs all continue to improve and are looking to take the title home. Good Luck to all!!

Girls Individuals: The clear favorite is defending champion junior Ashley Puga (Nampa Christian) or should I say favorites, with little sister Jaclyn Puga. The two of them ran away from a strong field at Bob Firman, and seem posed to sweep the top two spots at State. If they are to be challenged, the strongest threats seem to be from upstart Freshman Lacey Holder(Firth), Senior Lindsay Williams(Firth) or Jamie Brown(Ririe).

3A Predictions

Boys Team Predictions: This is a tough one to call, but I believe Gooding will finally get that coveted title they have been so close to obtaining. I?ve watched Gooding steadily improve and seem to be peaking at the right time. However, they will be pushed by Snake River, Teton, Wood River and Kellogg. Pack running is key here.

Boys Individuals: Junior Dallas Eborn(Bear Lake) is the stud in this class. Albeit the pack is making up ground on Dallas they will just not have enough to beat him. Dallas worked hard this summer and those miles have paid big dividends all season. The best challenge should come from Bryce Fletcher(Teton) who hasn?t been to far away all year. These two will run away from the pack.

Girls Team Predictions: Bear Lake Bears all the way. I predicted this one wrong last year and will never live it down with the Salmon girls. But this year barring a collapse the Bears will dominate this race. Bonners Ferry is a solid contender, along with Salmon who is getting back to last years form. Unfortunently they will be fighting for second!

Girls Individuals:
Bears, Bears. Like they have done all year long, Katie Eborn, and Sheralyn Davidson of Bear Lake should move away from the field and race only each other for the last two miles. A few other girls that will vie for the title are Forest Braden (Bonners Ferry), Kayla Smith(Salmon), Ruth Gettle(Weiser) and Amy Heffron(Teton).

4A Predictions

Boys Team Predictions: Hillcrest, Hillcrest, they are seeking the second straight title and look very good to repeat. I have noticed Bishop Kelley is improving in a big hurry, and Century is running well. A few weeks ago I would have said Hillcrest would dominate, but I think BK will give them a scare right to the 5th runner, and maybe 6th man.

Individual Predictions: The defending State champ is back and running very well as of late. That is senior Aaron Wolfe(Century). He outran the 4A field at Bob Firman, and should be able to defend his title. Pushing him will be Gary Attebury(Hillcrest), Drew Johnson(Burley), and Michael Galvin(Vallivue). Go Red Head!

Girls Team Predictions: Bishop Kelley has really proven to be the class of this field this year, but I thought that last year as I predicted them to possibly win. They let me down last year with just a 5th place finish and Sandpoint crushed the field. This year I believe they will run away with the 2003 title. If a team can pull the upset it will be Hillcrest. They are really loaded and always run great at State. This will definitely be a race to watch.

Girls Individuals: Ali Brosh(Sandpoint) should defend her title, but it is not going to be easy. Unlike most of her win this year, she is going to be pushed every step of the way by Katie O'Neil(BK), Taryn Trapp(Vallivue), and Jackie Carter(BK). Others in the mix will be Emily Teeples (Madison), Karley Meikle(Hillcrest) , and Stephanie Johnson(Burley).

5A Predictions

Boys Team Predictions: There are so many great teams this year and it is really going to depend on the team that has the best day. Borah won the last meeting between the powerhouses, but anything can happen at State. Weather may be a factor this week, with it predicted to be very cold. The 5A?s will run later in the day and maybe will be a little warmer. I?m here to predict a winner. So, I?m going with Skyline 1st , Highland 2nd , and then Borah. Reason for going this way is Skyline is mostly seniors(I always say senior are hard to beat), Highland is peaking very well, and Borah has two freshman on their top 5(If this was a girls team I?d say great, but Freshman boys Ah!!!). Well there you go. E-mail me with all your criticism.

Boys Individuals: Sean Boone(Mountain View) should win this race, but last time everyone got together He really struggled. So, if he puts it all together Sean is the man. Ian Batch won Bob Firman and is solid, so if Sean falters Ian will seize the win. A few other in the mix are freshman Michael Armon(CdA)(again a freshman boy Ah!), Cody Eaton (Centennial), and Adam Follett(Idaho Falls).

Girls Team Predictions: Again it may seem I'm a little biased to southeast Idaho, but I'd like nothing better than to see Tim Severa win this title, but likewise Sean Schimdt deserves it to. But I think Tim and the Borah girls are going to have a battle on their hands to win it. I think Borah will win this class, but I'm a little nervous to rule out Skyline. Skyline is very good up front and then deep through the middle. When all their girls have run together this year they have been untouchable. I think they will be on this Saturday. However with Borah, Skyline and Mountain View it will be a huge battle for the blue trophy.

Girls Individuals: Little Freshman Karleigh Gempler(Borah) will win this title. I always say Freshman girls rule, and she should keep this going. There are others that will challenge. Defending champ Breanna Sande(Lake City) and Rilee Buttars(Skyline) will chase her around the course hoping she falters. Not likely!

OK! Go ahead laugh, cry, or just get ticked off. Coaches use this to fire up your team. Send me nasty E-mail. This is all for fun, enjoy and Good Luck to all teams headed to State.