Coach Hill's Predictions

I like to do this just for fun. Coaches, athletes, parents, & fans, take it for what you will. It is one persons thoughts and comments on the State XC outcomes and maybe you'll view them somewhat biased. Have fun with it, use it to motivate yourself or your athletes or throw it in the trash. If you want to send your predictions I'll post them.

2A Predictions

2A Girls

Teams: The Firth girls have not been beaten by any team in 2A this year, but there are a couple teams that are looking to change that at State. Soda & Valley have both improved greatly throughout the season, and looked posed to make some noise at State. Soda has great depth through all 7 runners, and has Home Course Advantage. Since I'm here to predict, I think the ranking will hold true with Firth 1st, Soda 2nd, Valley 3rd, and NC 4th.

Individuals: Puga, Puga, once again these two sisters have been unbeatable during the regular season, and will be trying to pull off the State sweep. Freshman Lisa Romer of Valley has been running great all year and seems to be getting better with every race. She could pull off the possible upset as freshmen often do. Defending Champ Lacey Holder of Firth likewise seems to be coming on at the right time and will challenge for the title. My pick "Ashley Puga" (because she is a Senior).

2A Boys

Teams: Malad and Firth have raced each other just once all year, with Malad getting the win. On paper these two teams look to be head and shoulder above the rest of the field, but as we know anything can happen at State. Malad has a strong punch up front with seniors Atkinson & Price. Firth counters with a pack of seniors Petersen, Ivie, McKinnon, & Walker that should follow closely. It will come down to pack times between these two teams. Again I'll show my bias and predict Firth to defend their title. As for the 3rd place trophy, it going to be a real battle with Soda having the advantage being at home.

Individuals: Once again two runners seem to be head and shoulders above the rest. Seniors Steve Atkinson (Malad), and Keane Shuler (Soda) are the top two returnees and have raced awesome all year. Shuler beat Atkinson by a second at districts, but this was the first defeat Atkinson's had all year. The weather could play a big factor, so here is my prediction. Atkinson if good weather, Shuler if bad weather. The rest of the top 5 will probably include Dalton (Deary), Petersen (Firth), and Kniep (Shoshone).

3A Predictions

3A Girls

Teams: Do you know where Bear Lake is? If you don't you will after watching them run Saturday, because they'll all be up front. They, I believe are the best in the State at any level and one of the best in the Northwest Region. Weiser will also be up front, but not enough to pull off the upset. I hear the Vegas line on Bear Lake is 1-1 odds.

Individuals: Pick a Bear Lake girl and you'll probably be right. My pick is Sherlyn Davidson (BL), but Cydney Jacobson (BL) or Kate Eborn (BL) could pull off the win if Sheryln falters. There is one girl that might surprise us all, freshman Amanda Palmer (Weiser) she hasn't been beat too often, and might have the right stuff to do it Saturday.

3A Boys

Teams: Snake River and Bear Lake have switched being ranked 1st all year and I'm sure that is how the race will also go. Bear Lake has the stud up front, but Snake counters with a great pack, but likewise Bear Lake has a good pack. This could be the closest boys race of the day. My pick has to go with Bear Lake for one reason they beat them at district pretty solidly and are closer to home. Once again the 3rd trophy will be up for grabs, between Teton, Gooding, and Bonners Ferry.

Individuals: Do I keep saying Bear Lake? I think I do, but what a great program they have going right now. Dallas Eborn (Bear Lake) will win! I saw him run a week ago, his RPM's were incredible the entire way. Nobody comes close Saturday, and weather won't make any difference. Bryce Fletcher will chase Dallas around once again, but will be the runner-up. How's that for being bold? I've been jokingly criticized for being too politically correct.

4A Predictions

4A Girls

Teams: A few weeks ago I would have said, "Bishop Kelly", but after seeing the District result from Hillcrest's 1-6 sweep of their Districts I might change my vote. They just didn't sweep anyone either. They swept Madison a team that could possibly bring home a trophy themselves. Hmmm! I guess I'll go with the rankings. BK wins, Hillcrest & Century, one of them, a close second.

Individuals: Swimmer/Runner Bethany McInturff (Century) probably will win it, if she isn't swimming on Saturday. She'll have to beat Stephanie Johnson (Burley) or Megan Rolland (Emmett) to get it done. BK could have an impact in the Individual race with Hawkins and Gillespie. I pick Johnson of Burley!!!

4A Boys

Teams: Hillcrest, Hillcrest, Hillcrest, if I remember right this will be their 3rd straight, and they will win! I'll go out on a limb and say they are the best boys team in the State at any level, and will prove it Saturday. They are so good and so deep their J.V. team could bring home a State trophy. Sorry, but everyone else or the rest of you will be competing for the Red and Green Trophies.

Individuals: Once again you probably think I am a Hillcrest parent or something, because I blowing their horn so loudly, but they are tough and have the top runner in Gary Attebury. A few Boise valley kids might give him a bit of a race like, Kevin Griggs (Nampa), Anderson (Vallivue), or a BK kid or two. But if I was a betting man I'd put my money on Attebury.

5A Predictions

5A Girls

Teams: I know Mt. View took third at Districts, but I think they are the team to beat out of the Boise Valley, but I think Skyline is the team to beat in 5A. I had them ranked #1 early on and believe they are still better than most people think. Their #5 girl will have to run better than she did at Districts to beat Mt. View. Are you all feeling my Southeast Idaho biases yet. I'm really not trying to, but I do see these team a lot more. So here is my 5A girls top 3, Skyline, Mt. View, Boise.

Individuals: I don't know where D. Morgan (Boise) was for Districts, but if she at State, I might pick her! If she is there it looks to be a great race between her and Hilary McClendon (Eagle), the defending champ Karleigh Gempler (Borah) and don't forget past champs Breanna Sande (Lake City), Rilee Buttars (Skyline). Sande had a big win in Oregon a couple weeks ago and might carry that momentum on to State. However the elevation might be a big shock to her. This is a tough one! O.K. B. Sande (LC) is my pick.

5A Boys

Teams: The Boise Valley schools seem to be the cream of the 5A crop this year. Capital and Boise seem to be the hands down the favorites with just one point separating them at Districts. Idaho Falls might be able to contend because of the elevation, but I believe my pick is Capital. No maybe Boise. No maybe Capital. O.K. this one I'll flip a coin. Head Capital, tails Boise. Heads it is! "Capital Wins".

Individuals: This could likewise be a coin toss, but I'll go out on a line and say a Sophomore will win this. Sawyer Bosch(Borah), Sean Huey(Borah), Nick Bolinder(Cent), Micheal Armon(Cd'A) what a talented group. I pick Sawyer Bosch(Borah), because He is the hottest runner right now, and it is right now. In fact I think it will be Sawyer 1st, Sean 2nd, a Borah sweep.