Coach Hill's Predictions

I like to do this just for fun. Coaches, athletes, parents, & fans, take it for what you will. It is one persons thoughts and comments on the State XC outcomes and maybe you'll view them somewhat biased. Have fun with it, use it to motivate yourself or your athletes or throw it in the trash. If you want to send me your predictions I'll post them.

2A Predictions

2A Girls

Teams: Three years ago in Cd'A three little freshman from Firth stopped the Malad girls from winning 4 straight State Titles. Now these same three runners are Seniors and lead a very determined Firth squad trying to make it 4 straight for them. The only teams that has beat them this year, is Boise and Bear Lake, and it looks like it will probably stay that way. Soda Springs, Nampa Christan, and Valley are all very good teams. They all have a great top runner and a pretty good pack, but I feel Firth is just to tough. Soda looks to have the best pack to win the battle for second. Picks: 1st Firth, 2nd Soda, 3rd NC, & 4th Valley.

Individuals: Do I pick a Puga, I used to have two Puga's to pick from, but the elder Puga has graduated, but Jacilyn is running as good or better without older sister pulling her around the course. Sophomore Lisa Romer of Valley has been running great all year and was very close to J. Puga in Boise a month ago. Defending two time Champ Lacey Holder of Firth likewise seems to be coming on at the right time once again. I believe one of these three will win this year. My pick "J. Puga" (because I don't want to seem too biases).

2A Boys

Teams: President Clinton was reelected, the unabomber was arrested, Tiger Woods went Pro, the year was 1996. That was the last time Firth was beat at State! Firth is seeking 9 in a row this year. I don't see a team that will threaten that streak this year. Malad has been runner-up almost as many times, and seems to have the best shot of knocking Firth off if someone can. However, as I have stated before, anything can happen at State, and teams often run beyond their capabilities as did the little sophomores that started this streak back in Buhl, so we will have to race to see. Picks: 1st Firth, 2nd Malad, 3rd Soda, 4th Oakley.

Individuals: Four week ago, it seemed the clear favorite was junior Skyler Stotts of North Gem, as he raced away from top returner Seth Clark of Grangeville for the win at Boise 4 week ago, but Stotts has been sidelined by a stress fracture. He is running and is still a threat. Clark now has the favorite mark on his back. A few others that may make the race interesting are C. Ward-Firth, T. Brown-Soda, and J. Burke-Bliss. My Pick: Seth Clark - Grangeville (senior, tough and great kick)

3A Predictions

3A Girls

Teams: Last year I asked if you knew where Bear Lake was? You should by now or you've been under a big rock the last couple of years. Last year they were tough, this year they are incredible. The defending two time State Champ S. Davidson is only their 5th runner. I believe their top 6 will be in the top 10. Weiser will also be up front, but not enough to keep Bear Lake from scoring less than 30. Upstart Shelley may challenge Weiser for the second trophy. Teton and Snake should also be fighting for a trophy (four trophies given this year). Picks: 1. Bear Lake, 2nd Weiser, 3rd Shelley, 4th Teton, 5th Snake River

Individuals: Once again I sound like a broken record from last year. Pick a Bear Lake girl and you'll probably be right. My pick is Cydney Jacobson (BL) this year. She is crushing everyone this year, I believe she may win by at least 30 seconds or more. Kate Eborn (BL) or Amanda Palmer (Weiser) could pull off the win if Cydney bonks. Not likely. My pick: Cydney Jacobson (BL) by 47.43 seconds.

3A Boys

Teams: This year Bear Lake has been ranked 1st all year. No one in their division has challenged them this year, but they haven't seen Timberlake. Timberlake and Bear Lake are about as far apart as you can get in this State, but I'm betting they'll be a lot closer come Saturday. It's going to be a battle between their packs, and I believe Bear Lake has the better pack. Gooding may give them both a race and fight for that second trophy. The 4rd trophy will be up for grabs, between Teton, Kimberly, and Snake River.

Individuals: Here is where Timberlake might have the slight advantage over Bear Lake. Junior Frank Lagrimanta (TL) seems to be running the best right now, but Jr. Jake Timothy (BL) is likewise racing well. My pick however is, Sr. Ian Faurot (MD). I've watched him run for 4 years and he is a big meet preformer, and none is bigger than State.

4A Predictions

4A Girls

Teams: This is a no brainer, Bishop Kelly all the way. I haven't seen another team that can run with them. Post Falls, Moscow, Hillcrest, and Sandpoint had good district preformances, and would have to have a great day to be close at Boise. But you never know, I've been wrong before, like the Cd'A girls last year. I'll go with the odds. 1st BK, 2nd Moscow, 3rd Sandpoint, 4th Hillcrest, 5th Post Falls, 6th Pocatello

Individuals: Last year I picked Stephanie Johnson (Burley), she just didn't get it done, but this year she has been unbeatable. If someone can beat her, it will be another nieve Freshman, like last years' C. Lee (Jerome). This years candidates are Angie Whalen (PF), Jordan Engelhardt (BK). One of these might just pull off the win, but My Pick: Stephanie Johnson (Burley).

4A Boys

Teams: Hillcrest, Hillcrest, Hillcrest, Bishop Kelly, sorry Bob, but I believe if BK is heathly on Saturday they will bring home the blue trophy. If BK's not heathly, then Nampa will win, but the Red & Black Knights might prove me wrong. History is a hard thing to beat, and Hillcrest has that history with the last three titles. Despite all that I might say, this is going to be the best and closest race of the day, with I predict the top three teams only separated by a few points, if not coming down to the 6th man. Here you go: 1st BK, 2nd Nampa, 3rd Hillcrest, 4th Burley get the new trophy.

Individuals: Huh? Sophomore Lici Lima (BK) or Junior Bennett Grimes (Century) or Senior Ben Larsen (Hillcrest). If you don't know by now I believe in seniors and even more importantly I believe in hard workers, and Ben is both. So Ben Larsen should win, but that doesn't mean He will, but I'd bet on him.

5A Predictions

5A Girls

Teams: Boise will dominate, I believe I picked them last year, and they almost got it done last year. Instead Couer d' Alene pulled the upset surprise of the day. This year I don't think there is a team out there that can pull off the upset, unless Hilary McClendon comes out of retirement and transfers to Mt. View or Borah which could happen. No seriously, Mt. View and Borah have two good teams and will chase Boise around the course fighting for second.

Individuals: Dana Morgan (Boise), Kristin Palmer(Cd'A), Anna Stone,(Cd'A), Karleigh Gempler (Borah), Anne Lovelace(Boise),Alex Lifzinger(High), Brandi Hutchison(High), Hilary McClendon (Mt. View or Borah) 8th at Mt. Sac last week 18:01. I think I've given myself enough choices, but I believe the momentum of such a great team will carry Dana Morgan to the title. But if she is exhausted from playing so much soccer, Karleigh Gempler could pull of the victory.

5A Boys

Teams: Tough, Fast, Incredible, a War. This is going to be a great race. Maybe the best Idaho has ever seen. Highland of 1984 had maybe the best team Idaho has ever seen, but Boise, Borah, and Mt. View may be the best 3 teams Idaho has ever seen. Boise which is ranked #3 in the Northwest Region and #14 in the country, seem to be the clear favorite, but don't count out Borah. They have a great top 3, as does Boise, and State is a new day. A trip to NTN could possibly be extra motivation, Boise probably will get an at-large to NTN and should Borah beat them who knows? Enough of my rambling. My Pick: 1st Boise, 2nd Borah, 3rd Idaho Falls, 4th Mt. View

Individuals: Last year it was a coin toss between all the sophomores. This year it is a sheer guess as to which Junior will win. Taylor Farnsworth of Highland looks like the guy to beat. He is running incredible, and without Micheal Armon(Cd'A) in the picture He should win. But don't beat against any of the other Juniors, namely Sawyer Bosch(Borah), Sean Huey(Borah), Nick Bolinder(Boise), or Bryant Denson(Boise). They all have been pushing each other all year, while Taylor has been winning by minutes. O.K. if I must pick, I pick: Taylor Farnsworth(Highland).

I hope you don't take any of this to seriously, since I've thrown out so much nonsense. Good Luck to all Teams!!!!

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