2005 State Meet Predictions


Girls – The team race looks once again to be Firth with Soda Springs the runners up the other teams will be running for 3rd.

The latest Puga, Nampa Christian (Jacilyn) will be the champion with Lisa Romer of Valley the runner up

Boys – What?s this make it 10 in a row (going for Jerome?s record?) Firth without much of a struggle. Malad and Soda will have the real race for 2nd .

Seth Clark, Grangeville is the class of this race and maybe the state all others will be chasing him.


Girls – Bear Lake, Goldilocks couldn?t steal this one

Cydney Jacobsen, Bear Lake will take this one with ease, Amanda Palmer, Weiser in 2nd.

Boys – Bear Lake again but Timberlake could make it interesting.

I like Ian Furot, McCall over Frank Lagrimanta, Timberlake because he's closer to home.


Girls – This will be the great team race of the day! Hillcrest packs better than many boys teams but Bishop Kelly may have enough front runners to hold them off. I?ll go with BK because it?s in their back yard but it could go to Hillcrest just as easily.

Crista Hughes, Nampa looked very good at the District 3 meet but I think Jordan Engelhardt, Bishop Kelly will pull it together and win this one.

Boys – Bishop Kelly and Hillcrest looked to have the best boys race of the day until District, and still could if BK can pull it together. Waiting to surprise is Nampa. I smell an upset Nampa in a squeaker.

Lici Lima, Bishop Kelly looks great right now, as does Ben Larsen, Hillcrest. This race could also decide the team race. I like Lima as he?s run against the 5A big boys most of the season and held his own.

I'll hold back my 5A predictions until Friday, but it should go without saying that I'm partial to the
Braves all the way!
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