2006 Photo's
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Mud Run 2006
Boys and girls start through the mud.
Erica Wendt (Skyline) leading the girls. Firth twins on dune ridge. Bethany P. (Firth) on dune ridge.
Brooke Hill (Coach Hill Daughter) Girls climbing up butte. Boys on top of the Butte.
Connor K (Firth) leaving the canal.
Ririe guy diving into canal. Boys swimming down canal.
Almost done as you cross the hay. Bracken Williams (Firth) finishing hard. Darren Mckinnon (Firth) vs. David Pace (IF)
Girls hanging out after the race.
Firth girls in the mud at finish. IF girls collaspes in mud at finish.
Ririe boys after race. Girls looking Beautiful! Mud fight after the races!
Showering off the mud. Girls recieving awards. Winning team got mud pies and spoons.