Idaho Cross-Country Fans,                                                                12/16/09

Coming out this summer is a
Cross Country book titled "Legends of the Fall" on the
history and stories of the great athletes, programs, and coaches in
Idaho, both past and
.  We are hoping this book will inspire athletes and will promote the great sport of
Cross Country in Idaho, plus we are having a great time doing this project.  If you have
any suggestions or information about any of these coaches or others that you feel would
be of value, feel free to contact us, we would appreciate your comments and help.

Coaches and programs being Highlighted:
Zane Abbott (Blackfoot/Salmon)
4 State Titles 1972-1975
Jerry Kleinkopf (Twin Falls) 8 State Titles 1970-present
Bob Conley (Highland)  11 State Titles 1981-1990
Tim Dunne (Jerome) 13 State Titles 1969-1986
Gib Floyd (Kuna)  State
Title 1985
Duane Stands (Twin Falls) 5 State Titles 1976-1981
Bob Firman (Borah)
2 State Titles 1979-1984
Leon Kytle (Jerome) 5 State Titles 1976-1981
Bob Shay (Wood River) 5 State Titles 1971-1984
John Andrews (Jerome) 5 State Titles 1986-1990
Tim Severva (Borah) Team Idaho,
4 State Titles 1988-present
Terry Jones (Malad)
8 State Titles 1984-2001
Burke Christensen (Ririe)
4 State Titles 1991-196
Ron Ascuena (Centennial)
8 State Titles 1991-1999
Bob Weisel (Moscow)
State Title 1993
Gary Ward (Vallivue)
4 State Titles 1992-2000
Wayne Norman (Bishop Kelly)
2 State Titles 1998-1999
Dave Mills (Boise) 1st Idaho NXN Team
, 7 State Titles, 1997-present
Rob Parsons (Capital)
2 State Titles 2000-2004
Tom Shanahan (Bishop Kelly)
10 State Titles 2001-present
Brett Hill (Firth)
15 State Titles 1997-Present
Tracy Harris (Meridian/Mt. View)
8 State Titles 1998-present
Don Golding (Bear Lake)
10 State Titles 2003-present
Marty Grindstaff (Twin Falls)
3 State Titles 2007-present
Ken Heuseveldt (Soda Springs)
2 State Titles 1994-1995
Jeff Horsley (Soda Springs)
6 State Titles 2006-present
Gib Floyd (Kuna) State Title 1985
Deloy Roberts (Skyline)
State Title 1997
Kent Seifert (Gooding)
State Title 2003
Jack Nelson (Gooding)
State Title 2003
Bob Hagert (Hillcrest)
4 State Titles 2002-present
Scott Miller (Idaho Falls) 2 State Titles 1995-1996
Alan McMurtrey (Idaho Falls) State Title 2002
Cathy Compton (Coeur d' Alene) State Title 2004
Tyler Jones (Preston) 2 State Titles 2007-present
King Smith (Preston) 7 State Titles 1994-2002
Ed Jackson (Snake River) 2 State Titles 1998-1999
Shawn Lawler (Timberlake) State Title 2009
Jerry Powell (Sugar Salem) State Title 2009
Paul Lind (Challis)
Anne Moscrip (New Plymouth)
History and Stories of Idaho Footlocker Finalist and NXN Finalist and Teams
Ellen Lyon (Bishop Kelly) Footlocker 1979
Robin Card (Capital) Footlocker 1985
Jason Uhlman (Lewiston) Footlocker 1991
Billy Herman (Centennial) Footlocker 1995
Jed Barta (Bonneville) Footlocker 1998
Taylor Farnsworth (Highland) Footlocker 2006
Nicole Nielsen (Borah) Footlocker 2007, NXN 2008
Cody Helbling (Lake City) Footlocker 2008,2009
Barak Watson (Columbia) NXN 2008
Liz Brandon (Eagle) NXN 2008
Boise Girls NXN Team 2005
Bishop Kelly Girls NXN Team 2009

History and Stories of 3-Time State Champs
Brenda Falash (Twin Falls) 1975,1976,1977
Jason Uhlman (Lewiston) 1989,1990,1991
Becky Ward (Richfield) 1991, 1993, 1994
Billy Herman (Centennial) 1993,1994,1995
Greta Johnson (Potlatch)
Matt Knoff (Highland) 2000,2001,2002
Cydney Jacobsen (Bear Lake) 2005,2006,2007
Eric Fitzpatrick (Boise) 2007, 2008,2009

"Legends of the Fall"

Stewart Portela  208-351-3468

Brett Hill   208-881-2028