5A Boys- My preseason favorite is Highland High which returns the most and best young team, with a
solid core of sophomores leading the way.  Eagle likewise returns a very good young team and are
rumored to be getting a couple new freshmen sensations.  I think they appear to be preseason #2, and
Lake City with frontrunner Cody Helbling and a solid returning core that had a very tight gap time at
State last year is my preseason #3.  #4 goes to Boise with defending champ Eric Fitzpatrick leading the

5A Girls- Preseason ranking have Mountain View and Eagle #1 and #2 as that is how they finished at
State last year.  They both return very solid squads but I think Eagle returns the better squad so I'm
marking them as preseason #1 with MV #2.  Centennial returns a very good young bunch, and Vallivue
also returns some young girls and are getting a few good freshman.  So I think Centennial is #3 and
Vallivue #4.  Boise and Coeur D'Alene  also return a good group from State.  We will see who gets the
best freshmen, as freshman girls as we know can have a big impact on the dynamics of the 2009 race.  

4A Boys- With a ton of seniors in the top 20 last year, and Twin Falls moving down, this division looks
a great deal different.  One piece of normalcy is Bishop Kelly, they return 4 in the preseason top 20 and
receive my #1 vote.  Hillcrest return 4 good runners and Twin Falls returns 3 good runners, if they end
up at Twin Falls instead of the new high school Canyon Ridge.  Hillcrest gets my #2 vote with Century
#3 and Twin Falls #4.

4A Girls- Kuna was returning a loaded young team and would have been my #1 vote, but for some
reason three of there top 5 have left.  That leaves Bishop Kelly as the preseason favorites with 5 in the
top 21 preseason rankings.  Hillcrest returns two and Mountain Home and Preston both return three top
20 runners, but Hillcrest has a number of other solid girls and are my preseason #2, with Preston #3
and Mountain Home as #4.

3A Boys- My preseason top 2 spots are two 6th District teams, but based on returning runners the two
top team will probably flipflop 2008 State results with Sugar #1, and Teton #2.  Sugar returns 3 top 20
as does Teton, but Sugar returns more from 2008 plus outstanding freshman miler Brandon
Gardner(4:38) who didn't compete in XC last year.  Bonners Ferry and Kimberly return a solid core
and get my #3 and #4 spot respectfully.

3A Girls- Bear Lake was loaded with seniors last year, but still return 3 in the top 20.  Teton and
McCall Donnelly also return 3 in the top 20, but Timberlake return 5 in the top 25.  They(Timberlake)
get my #1 preseason vote, with Bear Lake #2, I'm sure they have more young tanlent coming.  Teton
gets #3 and McCall Donnelly #4.

2A Boys-  Firth and West Side finished 1 point apart last year and both return 3 in the top 20, so what
will separate them this year.  Taking an unbiased look at this, as much as I possibly can.  I guess the
determining factor is Firth lost 1 senior from their 2008 team and West Side lost 2 seniors from their
2008 squad.   Therefore Firth returns more and gets the #1 preseason vote, with West Side getting #2.  
One big problem with this.  The best team might be CDA Charter which had 4 juniors run in the low
4:40's for the mile last year on the track.  That's going to be a great group if it transfers to the XC
course.  So CDA Charter gets my #3 and Challis #4.

2A Girls-  Soda Springs once again return a great group of runners with 4 back in the top 20.  Firth and
West Jefferson both have 3 back in the top 20, so the my preseason #1 is Soda.  West Jefferson brings
back the next most along with getting a great freshman, so they get my #2 vote.  Firth gets #3 vote and
CDA Charter gets my vote for #4 with two returning top 20.  
Pre-Season Predictions
Based on returning runners and new freshman.