Coach Hill's State Recap 2009
Soda, Soda, yes it was a sweep for Soda Spring running in North Idaho just like 2006 in Lewiston.  I think we should never
go back to North Idaho (Just Kidding).  The girls race started just the way most thought with a good pack of about 6
runners.  N. Evans (New Plymouth) led the pack of 6th District runners through the first loop, they were trailed by a second
pack full of Soda, CDA, and Firth girls.  Going into the second loop things strung out considerably and postitions changed
as B. Siepert (Soda) and S. Iott (CDA) moved up catching some from the lead pack.  Evan, and C. Hansen (Butte) pulled
away and raced each other through the second loop, before N. Evans pulled away for a 9 second win.  This helped lead New
Plymouth to a surprise 2nd place trophy as they had a pretty good pack in the 20's and 30's overcoming Firth (3rd place)
and CDA Charter (4th place) teams, which each put 3 in the top 20.  Soda was again dominate with their fourth victory in as
many years putting all 5 scores in the top 20.  The boys race looked a lot the same, but the front pack through the first mile
was almost 20.  At that point C. Portela (Firth) and K. Meyers (Soda) took off and spread things out.  The two of them
raced each pushing and testing each other over the next miles, before Meyers pulled away for his first State title.  The
field spread out behind those two with favorites Challis, Westside and Firth having a tough up front 3, but stalking closely
behind were 3 young Soda runners that moved into the 20-21-22 positions to steal the State Title in the closest race of the
day by 4 points over runner-up Firth.  Challis and Westside ended up 3rd and 4th respectfully.   
The looks of this division sure changed this year with new schools emerging to win first time State Titles.  Timberlake
girls and Sugar-Salem Boys had to overcome as did most teams this year a great deal of illness, but as champions do
fought through this to be victorious.  The girls race turned out to be the great battle we thought it would be between the to
super sophomores M. Palmer (Weiser) and A. Keller (Salmon).  The two raced away from the field and it looked as if 2:21
800m runner Keller would win with her great kick, but just the opposite happened as Palmer kicked away from Keller in
the final meters to win her first title.  The rest of the field was back almost 40 seconds, but lead by Timberlake #1 A.
George, but close behind was Goodings #1 A. Bullers.  This would be the theme with these two teams all day, as just
seconds separated each of their next runner.  Timberlake's #5 girl was just a little better to pull off the win over Gooding
by 13 points.  McCall-Donnelly ran very well to scare both teams, only a few points back in 3rd, and 6 Time defending
champs Bear Lake raced to the 4th trophy.  The guys race mimiced the girls in that two runners were head and shoulders
above the rest and battled all the way to the finish with R. Jaggi (Weiser) getting the better of M. McHan (Gooding)
reversing the order they finished at Firman.  Sugar-Salem and Teton got hit with sickness right at the wrong time but both
battled through it to once again battle each other for the State Title.  This time Sugar was just 7 points stronger than
Teton, reversing last years state results.  Kimberly had the 4th and 5th place runners leading them to a close 3rd place
No surprises in this Division as the pre-race favorites dominated the team races.  Bishop Kelly girls put all 7 runners in
the top 23 to out distance runner-up Hillcrest by 52 points.  Twin Falls and Jerome brought home the other 2 trophies with
solid front runners like A. Ward (TF) 3rd and M. Clegg (Jerome) 5th.  Twin Falls boys did get a scare by Hillcrest, as each
put 4 in the top 20, but each time the Twin runner was ahead of the Hillcrest runner and then Twins 5th beat Hillcrest 5th
by a good margin to repeat as champions, just in a different division now 4A.  In the individual races, I should learn to not
pick against E. Nist (BK), she has proved me wrong the last two years.  I didn't see the race, but heard B. McInturff
(Century) went out fast with Nist following.  Nist stayed close then reeled her in and went by leaving McInturff, as she
blazed to the finish in the 2nd fastest time of the day 18:20.  On the guys side C. Calkins (WR) didn't disappoint me or
anyone else as he raced to the lead and was never seriously threatened, leading by over 100 m most of the way running the
3rd best time of the day 16:15.  District 4 sophomore sensation E. Harris (TF) tried to close the gap but Calkins was just to
tough and the gap never closed.  Tyler Croft (Hillcrest) chased the two in for 3rd.
I've stated how hard it is to dominate this Division, and although many thought Mt. View was the team that would do that
this year, it turned out to be Boise's day or year.  As I watched the girls come in, it was obvious that Boise had pulled off
the upset over defending champs Mt. View.  The 3-4-7 finish by Jamboretz, Hickerson, and Weigel made it look like they
were going to run away with the title, but Mt. View  went 5-8-13-17-20 making it closer than appeared.  Two great teams,
to great performances, too bad one had to get the red trophy, I'd be very proud of both performances.  The individual race
was just as great as two of the best Idaho has ever produced K. Gomez (CDA) 2007 champ, and L. Brandon (Eagle) 2008
champ, battled early.  It didn't take long for Gomez to separate herself and this time unlike last year held on for the win,
and fastest time of the day 18:09.  The boys race was a crap shoot, so not a huge surprise when Boise was announced as
the winner.  Race another day with everyone healthy and the outcome might be different, I think there is that much parity
in this division.  But on this day which was State Championship day it was Boise and they were 30 points better than the
rest.  Each Boise runner had a career day and especially E. Fitzpatrick as he outkicked C. Helbling (LC) for his 3rd
straight title.  This put him with the elites in Idaho XC History.  Names like Ulhman, Herman, and Knoff.
North Idaho, and Circling Raven Golf Course provided a great venue, with great organization by northern coaches and
parents, and the weather even cooperated somewhat (No Rain).  The wind blew in gusts up to 30 miles per hour which
changed the race tactics for most, but the temperature wasn't a factor as it remained above 50 degrees.  The rolling hill
course with soggy valleys on Friday looked like it would be a sloppy mess come Saturday but the course held up pretty well
under all the harrier traffic.  Overall great races was the theme of the day.  Here is a recap of each divisional race.