4A District IV 10/20/2010
Article from Magic Valley News

Amanda Ward dominated her freshman year. Approaching the district cross country meet
for the final time, the Twin Falls senior had even more satisfying goals.
Ward achieved them in the Class 4A District IV championship meet at the College of
Southern Idaho on Wednesday, breaking up Jerome's bid for a 1-2-3 finish by placing third
and leading the Bruins to the team title by seven points over the Tigers.
"We've been on and off with Jerome the last few races and they've beaten us (in the team
standings)," Ward said. "I just wanted to break up the top three and have us win our third
team title in a row."
The Bruins placed five runners inside the top nine and had nine cross the finish line in the
space of 12 runners from third to 14th place, including two soccer players who voluntarily
missed the bus to Post Falls so they could help run Twin Falls to a cross country title.
Almost immediately after the finish, Claire Goss and Isabel von Zastrow hopped in a car to
the airport to link up with their soccer teammates ahead of today's opening round of the
state tournament.
Jerome's Mackenzie Chojnacky dominated yet again, finishing 34 seconds ahead of
teammate Mikesell Clegg. While the victory raised the prospects of Chojnacky having a
good showing at state, she said she was going to enjoy the final cross country race of her
high-school career.
"If I don't collapse at the end I guess I didn't try hard enough," she said with a laugh. "I'm
not worried about placing at the state meet. I just want to do my personal best and go as
hard as I can."
The boys race was similarly predictable. Erik Harris cruised through the course to win by
almost half a minute over teammate Karl Lundgren. Including those two, Twin Falls placed
three in the top four and four in the top seven as it comfortably won the team title over
Wood River.
"I just really wanted to lead this team to a title," Harris said. "Everyone did a really good job,
and if we can step it up a little more I think we can do well at state."
The best run of all came from fellow Bruin Matt Schenk, who finished seventh despite
losing one of his shoes early in the race. Schenk and another runner clipped feet, and the
other runner's spikes knocked the shoe off Schenk's foot.
With no time to waste in grabbing the missing footwear, Schenk pushed through the pain
barrier and came home strong with Ben Stout of Wood River breathing down his neck.
"Picking up the shoe wasn't worth it ... you just have to ignore the pain and keep going,"
said Schenk, examining his blistered foot through a pair of holes worn into the sock. "I just
had to keep telling myself to fight through it."
The top three teams from each side (the Twin Falls, Jerome, Wood River girls and the Twin
Falls, Wood River and Burley boys) plus individuals among the top 14 scoring runners
qualified for the state meet next Saturday in Soda Springs.

Class 4A District IV Championship
At College of Southern Idaho

Top 3 teams and all individuals among top 14 scoring runners qualify for state meet
+ - denotes non-scoring runner
* - denotes qualifies for state meet as individual


Team standings: 1. Twin Falls, 32 points; 2. Wood River, 44; 3. Burley, 66; 4. Jerome 86;
5. Canyon Ridge, 140; 6. Minico, 155.

Individual Top 15: 1. Erik Harris, Twin Falls, 16 minutes, 36.38 seconds; 2. Karl Lundgren,
Twin Falls, 17:05.79; 3. Andrew Pfeiffer, Wood River, 17:18.22; 4. Tyson Warth, Twin
Falls, 17:30.73; 5. Alec England, Wood River, 17:35.26; 6. Dunia Emmanuel*, Canyon
Ridge, 17:37.11; 7. Matt Schenk, Twin Falls, 17:38.53; 8. Ben Stout, Wood River,
17:39.53; 9. Chase England, Wood River, 17:50.80; 10. Rob Allred, Burley, 18:09.03; 11.
Blake Orchard*, Jerome, 18:26.76; 12. Kody Coltren, Burley, 18:31.51; 13. Kolby Beck,
Burley, 18:36.90; 14. Ethan Judd, Burley, 18:39.03; 15. Matt Ahrens, Jerome, 18:44.82.


Team scores:1. Twin Falls, 32 points; 2. Jerome, 39; 3. Wood River, 84; 4. Burley, 95; 5.
Minico, 150; 6. Canyon Ridge, 150.

Individual Top 15: 1. Mackenzie Chojnacky, Jerome, 19 minutes, 13.63 seconds; 2.
Mikesell Clegg, Jerome, 19:47.65; 3. Amanda Ward, Twin Falls, 20:07.76; 4. Jasmine
Nesbitt, Jerome, 20:12.94; 5. Alyssa Brann, Twin Falls, 21:16.56; 6. Corrine Smith, Wood
River, 21:33.17; 7. Hailey Gomez, Twin Falls, 21:38.27; 8. Abby Biedenbach, Twin Falls,
22:02.70; 9. Stephanie Filas, Twin Falls, 22:26.10; 10. Megan Mabey*, Burley, 22:26.66;
11. Claire Goss, Twin Falls, 22:29.51; 12. Isabel von Zastrow, Twin Falls, 22:30.38; 13.
Sarah Dodds+, Twin Falls, 22:33.85; 14. Taylor Deboard+, Twin Falls, 22:34.80; 15. Paige
Shiner*, Minico, 22:45.20.