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Coach Hill's Pre-Season Predictions
If you are aware of any athlete transfers or changes let me know.  
Big change for 4A and 2A/1A girls, move of Sierra
Manzer 4A #1 and her sister Anysja from Kuna to Melba.
Updated Picks!
8/24 Camels Back Invite-- Rocky Mountain Boys & Girls open year with a huge statement. Boys
placed 10 in Top 10 with 1:07 gap (Yes, 10 in Top 10). J. Ross leads RM with fast 16:40. I am glad
I picked them to win in October. Girls beat Mountain View 6 girls ahead of MV #2. They were led
by individual winner P. Dilmore in 18:57. S. Mckinnon (MV) second in 19:12. Looks like they had
a super summer.
8/24 Pocatello Cross Country Challenge-- Another outstanding freshman girl emerges. This time at
Pocatello. Her name Rachel McGovern, and she wins running 19:37 on difficult course. She will
definitely make some noise in 4A already beating a number of top 20 girls. Soda girls win over Star
Valley Wy 2nd and Preston 3rd. Pocatello Boys pick up where they left off last year winning
strongly and lead by standout E. Armstrong. 1. Armstrong 16:18, 2. R. Crowther (Pres) 16:44
8/24 Jerome/TF Invite-- HANNAH MCINTURFF IS BACK! She will go to #1 with a early win
over the Jerome duo Nesbitt/Green. Jerome girls squeak out a win over Century. Jerome Boys put 4
in top 6 and win. Chase England continues tradition of a strong individual boy winning in 17:57. A.
Olcott (Cent.), B. Craig (Jer) go 2-3 respectfully.
8/24 Terry Jones Invite-- The meet named after my old coach and great mentor was swept by
Highland. Highland is led by a new coach (Artie Gulden) as long time coach Chris Belcher has
moved on to other things. P. Hucthinson (High) wins girls race in 19:43 over N. Lewis (IF).  J.
Wither (SR) looks great early winning in 16:09, with A. Follett 2nd back at IF after a stint at MV.
8/24 West Jefferson Invite-- Sugar-Salem girls score 21, led by a 1-2-3 finish of O. Redd, K. Hill
(Favorite), L. Moser. Skyline girls finish 2nd and look strong. Not to be outdone the Skyline boys
win over Sugar and Salmon. C. Stoddard (Sug) wins boys race over C. Lind (Challis) and A.
Schmidt (Sky).
8/25 Jimmy Driscoll Invite-- Vallivue lives up to my preseason statements and win with 25 points
over Centennial. M Malaspina and C. Trapp go 1-2. Capital boys beat Centennial (2nd) and Eagle
(3rd).  David Steele (Capital) wins boys race in 16:51, and J. Davis (Cap) finishes 2nd in 16:54.
8/25 Post Falls Invite-- Couer d'Alene sweeps, and dominate with top 3 boys and top 4 girls. Josie
Brown leads Punky Duran, Kara Story, Krista Story to 1-2-3-4 finish. Michael Dunton leads Riley
Estes and Kenny Colbert to 1-2-3 finish.
Week 1
New Team Rankings 8/27/2012
A few change with so little meet info. Biggest mover is 5A Rocky
Mountain Boys and Girls after huge opener.  
Week 2
8/30 Digger Invite Sugar-Salem-- Rigby Boys and Sugar-Salem Girls win at 15 Team Digger Invite.  
Olivia Redd (SS) and Conner Stoddard (SS) win for second straight week.
8/30 New Plymouth Invite-- Conrad Larson (Victory Charter) wins Boys race in 17:06, and Hailey
Alexander (NP) wins girls in 20:16. New Plymouth sweeps team titles.
8/30 Burley Invite-- Pocatello Boys do it again going 1-2-3 with E. Armstrong leading the way in
16:31 for team win. The Hillcrest girls win team title over Pocatello, but freshman R. McGoverm
(Poc) dominates again over 4A #1 Nesbitt (Jer)
8/30 Troy Invite-- Idaho associate member Logos High wins boys race led by Paul Ryan in 16:28.
The two might be the best small school team and runner in Idaho, but cannot compete in Idaho
State Meet. Lewiston girls win led by A. Schlagen in 21:59.
9/1 Cardinal Invite-- At Soda Springs out of State teams win. Bingham Ut wins girls race over Soda
Springs. Rock Spring Wy, Bingham Ut go 1-2 over Highland in boys race. Individually the top
Idaho girl and boy were H. McInturff (Century) 19:45 and R. Crowther (Preston) 16:38 both
finishing second to Bingham runners.
8/31Caldwell Twilight Invite-- ARocky Mountain prove they are really legit with huge wins again
this week. The boys take down 3rd ranked Boise and everyone else. J. Ross (RM) wins again in
16:17 over D. Stucker (Mer). Lila Klopfenstein (Mer) wins girls race in fast 18:56 over D. Snell
Note: The statement about Logos only being an Associate IHSAA Member is incorrect!  In April
2012 IHSAA Board meeting Logos High School was granted membership for the 2012-13 school
year.  So they will be competing at the State XC meet in October.  Watch out 2A/1A Teams.
New Individual Ranking 9/6/2012
My first attempt at rankings. There are still a number of
top runners that have yet to open their seasons. They are
listed as bubble runners with ?? following their names.
Week 3
9/7 Tiger-Grizz Invite-- Huge race in Idaho Falls with teams from Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and
Montana.  Pocatello Boys keep rolling led by E. Armstrong & H. Herndon. The two go 1-2 to lead
Pocatello to a big win over Bear River, Ut and Bozman, Mt and Highland respectfully. Teton Boys
win Division B over Snake River. J. Wither (SR) is fastest boy in Division B. Regional Ranked
Bozman Girls win easy over Highland and Idaho Falls in Division A. Soda wins a close one over
Sugar-Salem in Division B.  O. Redd (Sugar) is fastest girl in Division B.
9/7 Wood River Invite-- Another huge race in Sun Valley. D. Hungate (GRNL) wins 2A/1A race in
18:34, Challis Boys win team race. L. Fiddler (CS) wins girls race in 22:05, Declo girls win 2A/1A
race. C. England (WR) wins boys 3A/4A race in 17:57, and Burley Boys win team title. J. Nesbitt
(Jer) wins girls race in 22:53, and leads her team to the title.
9/8 Murray Utah Invite-- Meridian travels to Utah and competes in a Big Invite.  Boys finish 17th
out of 37 teams and are led by D. Stucker in 16th (16:21). Girls finish 15th led by a 22nd place
finish of L. Klopfenstein (19:38).
9/8 Roger Curran Invite-- Small and Big schools run together but scored separately. C. Larson
(16:44) of 1A Victory Charter wins boys race followed by J. Capell (MV) and C. Lind (Challis). S.
McKinnon (18:59) leads a 1-2-3 finish for Mountain View which also leads them to the team title
with just 24 points over Eagle. Vale, Or wins the small school girls title over Cole Valley. Mountain
View wins boys big school title over Columbia, Nampa Christian wins boys small school over
Victory Charter.
9/8 Silverwood Invite-- District III schools go north and win. Capital Boys continue to show well
with win over Timberline, Centennial, and Lake City respectfully. Timberline girls win over
Lakeside and Centennial. A. Rafla (Timb) 15:35 races to win over small school standout P. Ryan
(Logos). E. Coleman (Cent) wins 19:07 over new Borah freshman S. Christianson.
9/8 Tracy Walter Invite Spokane-- Boise and CdA compete in Washington at the Tracy Walter
Invite against some of the best teams in the region (North Central, Jesuit). Cd'A girls finish 3rd and
Boise girls 4th. E. Hamlin (Boise) finishes 3rd (18:43) and J. Brown (CdA) 4th (18:57). The boys
teams finish 7th (CdA) and 8th (Boise).  Top Idaho boy is R. Estes (Cda) in 16:42.
New Team Rankings 9/10 - Biggest moves, Rocky Mt. Boys go to #1, and
Rocky Mt. Girls #2. 4A Girls is a real tough one, but Skyview moves to #1. A
few other moves in all Divisions. Logos moves into top 3 in Boys 2A/1A.
Week 4
9/12 SRV League Meet-- H. Sorrell (Parma) leads her team to the girls title over Payette with a time
of 21:35.  N. Wiggins (Weiser) leads his team to boys title over Parma with a time of 17:54.  
9/12 Steven Thompson Centipede Race-- Rocky Mountain Boys dominate again and it appears this
is a second team. Eagle girls win even bigger led by B. Rawlins in a time of 19:58.  Top boy was S.
Sullivan (Cent) in 16:40.  
9/13 High 5 Relay-- Middle School Relay Event In IF.
9/14 Rigby Lake Invite-- Pocatello Boys 1-2-3 and
wins easy over Rigby and Bonneville. E. Armstrong
cruises to win in 16:32. R. McGovern (Poc) gets
out quick and hold on for win over O. Redd (Sugar)
in 19:37.  Redd leads Sugar-Salem to team win over
Photo: Sugar-Salem Girls at the start
of Rigby Lake Invite.
9/15 Mile High Classic Challis-- J. Nesbitt (Jerome) sets course record 19:45 and leading her team to
a 1 point win over Jackson, Wy.  Jackson, Wy wins boys race led by K. Smith 17:09 and another
course record. Freshman A. Stuart (Shelley) best Idaho boy in 17:37.
9/14 Clash in the Valley-- M. Malaspina beats 5A #1 L. Klopfenstein (Mer) leading Vallivue to
victory in the Clash of the Valley with a time of 19:24. D. Stucker (Mer) wins boys race in 16:21,
but Timberline wins team race over runner-up Rocky Mountain.
9/16 Coeur d'Alene Invite-- Timberlake sweeps the small school team races. Timberlake girls beat
CDA Charter, and Boys win a close race over Bonners Ferry. R. Ward (Timb) wins over S. Pavey
(BF) in 19:56, and L. Fredericks (CDA Chart) wins boys race in 16:33.  Likewise Coeur d'Alene
sweeps the big school teams races. CDA girls go 1-2-3 and score a low 21 points over runner-up
Sandpoint.  J. Brown, P. Duran, & E. Callahan run 18:42-18:56, also an incredible team average of
19:13.  S. Levora (Sand) wins boys race over K. Little (LC) in 15:35.
Week 5
9/20 Blackfoot Invite-- Idaho Falls dominates the day winning both team titles.  A. Follett leads the
way for the boys winning the individual title in 16:26, with K. Baldwin (Bonn) second.  J. Nesbitt
(Jer) wins the girls race in 19:10 then the next 4 across the line are IF led by N. Lewis.
Bob Firman Results
Bob Firman Videos
Bob Firman Photos
9/22 Bob Firman Invite-- Hazy skies made for a cooler day and
incredible races.  Times were fast and very competitive as
schools from around the Northwest converged on Eagle Island.
Rocky Mountain was the top Idaho girls and boys teams finishing
4th and 10th respectfully in the elite race. Sugar-Salem sweeps
the D2 races with dominating win in the girls race and boys win a
tight race over Jackson Hole, Wy.  Top Idaho runners were
Armstrong (Poc)
15:35 good for 6th place in the elite race, and
O. Redd (Sugar) 19:00.40 1st in the D2 race.
9/19 Middleton Invite-- IA few teams decide to skip Bob Firman and run at Middleton. Skyview
wins girls title led by J. Barber 1st in 20:01, and Middleton wins boys race led by A. Fred 1st 16:52.
9/22 Runner's Soul Invite Spokane-- CDA girls confirm their #1 ranking with big win in Spokane.
They go 3-4-5-7-17 for the team win, led by J. Brown 19:10. S. Levora (Sandpoint) finishes second
in 16:01, with J. Finney (LC) the nect Idaho guy in 16th and 16:40.
Team Rankings 9/25
Top 20 Individual Rankings 9/25
After Bob Firman the ranking picture is a little more clear.
New Individual #1's--  2A/1A Paul Ryan (Logos), and Sierra Manzer (Melba). 3A Olivia Redd (Sugar). 5A
Emily Hamblin (Boise) and D. Stucker (Meridian).
New Team #1's-- 3A Sugar Girls, 4A Preston Girls. Biggest movers is BK boys to 4A #2.
Week 6
9/26 Filer Invite-- Kimberly Boys win team race. E. Garcia (G) wins for the second week in a row
with 17:05, G. Moore (F) 2nd in 17:40. Declo Girls beat Gooding for team race but R. Youren (G)
19:57 and A. Bullers (G) 21:41 go 1-2.
9/28 Mountain Home Invite-- Kuna Boys wins team title over Meridian, but D. Stucker (Mer) wins  
race in 16:50 with C. England (WR) second in 16:59. Skyview and Jerome tie at 91 in girls race
with Skyview winning on tiebreak. Klopfenstein (Mer)  wins in 20:18, S. Christensen (Bor) 2nd.
9/28 Butte Invite-- Firth Girls dominate girls race with 23 pts. Snake River second. Butte's C.
Hansen wins individual title in 21:23 on tough course. Snake River Boys win with Salmon and Firth
a point apart for 2nd and 3rd respectfully. J. Withers (SR) continues to dominate small school races.
9/28 Madison Invite-- Pocatello sweeps Boys and Girls races. Bonneville boys and Skyline girls
second. H. Herdon and D. Herdon go 1-2 in boys race 16:24-16:26 respectfully. R. McGovern
(Poc) wins in 19:01 over O. Redd (Sug). Sugar-Salem Middle School sweep team races.
9/29 Mounatin West Classic Missoula, Mt-- A number of Idaho school travel to Montana to race in
the Mt. West Classic. Idaho Falls girls shine with a 3rd place finish led by N. Lewis in 18:43 on the
3 mile course. C. Simmons (Soda) 18:13 is the fastest Idaho girl of the day. Soda, Hillcrest and
Sugar finish 5-12-16 respectfully out of 50 plus teams. In the boys race Idaho Falls, Teton,
Sugar-Salem, Hillcrest finish 13-20-23-25 respectfully.  C. Moosman (Teton) is the top Idaho boys
in 15:50.
9/29 Pre-Nationals Portalnd, Or-- Rocky Mountain travel north and both girls (Girls Award Video)
and boys
(Boys Award Video) win the Elite Danner Race. The Rocky Mtn. Boys are led by J. Ross
in 15:49, but he is not the fast Idaho boy of the day as E. Armstrong finished 2nd in 15:28. The
Rocky Mtn. Girls were led by P. Dilmore in 17th and 18:43. Mountain View Boys win the D2 race
led by J. Capell 4th in 16:36.
Week 7
10/06 William Johnson Invite Sandpoint, Id--  Lake City Boys and Sandpoint Girls win team titles.
Sam Levora (Sand) 15:52 wins boys race over J. Finney (LC) 16:08.  R. Ward (TL) 20:00 wins
girls race over M. Woodward (Sand) 20:12.   
10/06 Bob Conley Invite Highland -- A Highland sweeps team titles, with girls scoring a perfect 15.
N. Crane (BL) wins boys race in 17:23 over K. Clay (High).  P. Hutchinson (High) wins in 20:09
and D. Kilgore 2nd in 20:38.
10/05 Lewiston Invite /State Course Preview --  A few school venture North to preview the State
Course.  Boise sweeps Team Titles over runner-up Mountain View boys and Timberline girls.  E.
Hamlin (Boise) wins girls race in fast 18:52 with L. Serpe (Timberline) 19:06.  P. Ryan (Logos)
wins boys race 16:02 over T. Rigby (Boise) 16:09.  State Course is pretty flat and fast based on
reports from those there racing.
10/05 Gary Ward Invite Vallivue -- Home team Vallivue Girls dominate with 5 in the top 10 and
overall winner M. Malaspina in 18:49 and C. Trapp second in 19:46.  Bishop Kelley Boys continue
to improve and show they are going to be a factor at State in 4A, winning the team battle over
Middleton.  C. Larson (Victory Charter) wins individual race in 16:57.
10/05 Blue & White Invite, Skyline -- Pocatello sweeps Team Titles over runner-up Skyline teams.
E. Armstrong (Poc) wins in 16:04 with the Herndon twins going 2-3.  R. McGovern (Poc) wins in
very fast 18:52 over D. Barna (Sky) 20:45.
10/04 Dani Bates Invite Twin Falls -- Soda Springs girls win a great race over Highland and Idaho
Falls which finish 2-3 respectfully.  Soda was led by individual winner C. Simmons in 19:11.  P.
Hutchinson (High) 2nd in 19:14.  Kuna looks great winning Boys Title and showing they are for real
in the 4A rankings.  A. Follett (IF) outkicks M. Cunningham (Kuna) in 16:26 to 16:27.
10/03 Ririe Dam Invite -- Bonneville runs great, really ramping up the 4A boys rankings.  Rigby not
too far behind them and also looking like a legit team. J. Withers (SR) wins race over R. Crowther
(Pres) in 17:12.  Preston girls win title over Hillcrest.  Q. Van Orden (SR) wins crazy girls race
which saw girls running the wrong directions in 20:09.
10/03 Melba Invite -- Liberty Charter wins boys race with #1 runner and look to exert themselves in
the 2A/1A rankings. D. Hungate (GL) wins individual title in 16:55.  Melba girls put 4 in top 7 and
hold on to beat Melba despite there #5 being a bit behind. S. Manzer (Melba) dominates in 18:37.
10/03 3A Pre-District VI Preview -- Sugar Girls and Teton Boys dominate the pre-district race in
Alta at over 6000 ft.  C. Moosman (Tet) and L. Moser (Sug) win in 17:49 and 21:42.
Sorry for the delay this week.  I was enjoying myself in St. George
hammering my body in a Marathon, running with one of my past runners
for a few miles before he left me.  Thanks Nate Clayson!
New Team Rankings 10/9/12
Logos goes to #1 in 2A/1A boys after 17:29 average on State. Bonneville Boys and Jerome Girls
move-up in 4A rankings. Idaho Falls Boys make a move in 5A rankings with win over Highland.  
Week 8
10/11 Firth Invite--  Rigby boys dominate team race with Jerome 2nd.  Freshman A. Stewart
(Shelley) runs 16:49 to win individual race with K. Larson (Rig) second in 17:02.  Jerome girls led
by winner J. Nesbitt (18:47) win team race over Firth.  Butte girls C. Hansen and K. Traughber go
2-3 in 19:36 & 19:52.
10/11 Boise City Invite-- Close races within Boise City, as Timberline girls beat Boise 38-42, and
Capital boys beat Boise 49-53.  Boise finished second in the team races, but there individual runners
took top honors as T. Rigby and E. Hamlin win in 16:11 and 18:56.
10/11 Bugtown Invite--  Vallivue girls score 22 to dominate over Middleton, and M Malaspina (Vall)
wins in 19:02.  Columbia boys finish 3-4-6  and win team title over Middleton.  A. De Los Reyes
(Cald) is rounding into shape at the right time and wins in 16:40.
10/11 Gibb Floyd Invite--  Rocky Mountain crushes field again scoring 19 points in boys and 17
points in girls.  Kuna boys and Skyview girls finish second.  J. Ross and D. Snell  win races in 15:52
and 18:17.
10/10 Canyon Ridge Invite--  Burley boys beats Twin Falls 34-42, but J. Stark (TF) wins race in
17:10.  Twin Falls girls beat Wood River 23-45 and H. Gomez (TF) wins girls race in 22:05.
10/10 Preston Invite--  Soda Girls wins battle of #1's.  Preston 4A #1, Sugar 3A #1 and Soda 2A
#1.  C. Simmons (Soda) continues to impress with a fast 19:13 over O. Redd (Sug).  Preston boys
win, J. Wither (SR) 16:17 wins over R. Crowther (Pres).  
10/10 Salmon Invite--  Salmon boys and Challis girls win team races.  Salmon runners B. Godfrey
18:34 and E. Jackson 23:53 win races.  
10/13 Potlatch Invite--  Grangeville boys dominate team race and girls finish second to a
Washington school.  K. Bass (Grang) wins boys race in 17:48 and sister K. Bass is 2nd to 20:28 as
top Idaho girls.
10/10 IF City/County Invite--  Idaho Falls sweep team and individual races.  A. Follett and N. Lewis
win races in 17:08 and 20:28. Bonneville boys and Hillcrest girls 2nd.
Week 9 Districts
10/16 2A/1A District 6--  Salmon Boys and Firth Girls win District Titles. B. Godfrey (Salmon)
18:14 and C. Hansen (Butte) 21:12 win boys and girls individual District Titles.  State Team
Qualifiers Boys (Salmon, Firth, Challis), Girls (Firth, West Jefferson, Challis).
10/16 2A/1A District 3--  New Plymouth sweep District Team Titles.  H. Alexander (NP) 20:20 and
C. Larson (VC) 16:52 win girls and boys individual District Titles.  State Team Qualifiers Boys
(New Plymouth, Victory Charter, Nampa Christian, Liberty Charter, Cole Valley), Girls (New
Plymouth, Melba, McCall, Cole Valley).
10/17 5A-4A District 6--  5A Highland Sweeps District Titles, with P. Hutchinson (High) winning
girls race and A. Follett (IF) boys. State Team Qualifiers Boys (Highland, Idaho Falls, Skyline),
Girls (Highland, Idaho Falls, Hillcrest).4A Bonneville Sweeps District Titles, with R. Cannon (Blk)
winning girls race and K. Baldwin (Bonn) boys. State Team Qualifiers Boys (Bonneville, Rigby),
Girls (Bonneville, Rigby).
10/17 3A District III--  Parma Girls and Weiser Boys win District III Titles. H. Sorrell (Parma)
19:23 win girls race, and N. Wiggins (Weiser) 17:17 wins boys title. State Team Qualifiers Boys
(Weiser,Parma), Girls (Parma).
10/17 4A District IV--  Burley Boys and Jerome Girls win District IV Titles. J. Nesbitt (Jer) 21:09
wins girls race and C. England (WR) 17:46 wins boys race. State Team Qualifiers Boys (Burley,
Twin Falls, Wood River), Girls (Jerome,Twin Falls, Wood River).
10/17 2A/1A & 3A District IV--  Kimberly Sweep Team Titles. G. Moore (Filer) 17:35 wins boys
race, and R. Youren (Good) 20:13 wins girls race. State Team Qualifiers Boys (Kimberly, Filer),
Girls (Kimberly, Gooding).  Declo Boys and Valley Girls win District IV Titles.  J. Dalton (Deit)
18:21 wins boys race and Fiddler (CS) 20:50 wins girls race. State Team Qualifiers Boys (Declo,
Dietrich, Oakley), Girls (Valley, Declo).
10/18 3A & 2A 1A District V--  Snake River sweeps District Titles. Q. Van Orden (SR) 20:42 wins
girls race and J. Withers (SR) 17:09 wins boys race. State Team Qualifiers Boys (Snake River),
Girls (Snake River).  Soda Springs sweeps 2A Team races led by C. Simmons 19:24 and H.
Goodenough 18:03. State Team Qualifiers Boys (Soda, West Side), Girls (Soda, West Side).
10/18 3A District I-II--  Bonners Ferry Boys & Timberlake Girls wins District Titles. R. Richardson
(TL) 16:15 and R. Ward (TL) 19:21 win individual titles.  State Team Qualifiers Boys (Bonners
Ferry, Timberlake), Girls (Timberlake, Priest River).
10/18 2A/1A District I-II--  On the State course Logos Boys & CDA Charter Girls win District
Titles. P. Ryan (Log) 16:38 & M. Daniels (CDA) 20:36 win in individual titles. State Team
Qualifiers Boys (Logos, CDA Charter, Grangeville, Kootenai), Girls (CDA Charter, Grangeville,
10/18 5A District I-II--  On the State course CDA girls sweep, and Lake City wins boys race. E.
Callahan (CDA) 18:55 and J. Finney (LC) 16:33 win girls and boys race.  State Team Qualifiers
Boys (Lake City, CDA), Girls (CDA, Post Falls).
10/18 4A District I-II--  On the State course Moscow sweep Team Titles. M. Woodward (Mos)
20:27 and S. Levora (Sand) 16:15 win girls and boys race.  State Team Qualifiers Boys (Moscow,
Lakeland), Girls (Moscow, Sandpoint).
10/18 4A District III--  Bishop Kelley Boys and Middleton Girls win District Titles. L. Schell (Midd)
20:01 & M. Cunningham (Kuna) 16:45 win girls and boys races. State Team Qualifiers Boys
(Bishop Kelley, Kuna, Columbia, Middleton, Nampa), Girls (Middleton, Bishop Kelley, Skyview,
Columbia, Emmett).
10/18 4A District III--  Pocatello Boys and Preston Girls win District titles. E. Armstrong (Poc)
15:37 & R. McGovern (Poc) 18:42 win boys and girls race.  State Team Qualifiers Boys (Pocatello,
Preston), Girls (Preston, Century).
10/19 3A District VI--  Teton Boys and Sugar-Salem Girls win District titles. C. Mossman (Tet)
17:45 & O. Redd (Sug) 20:12 win boys and girls race.  State Team Qualifiers Boys (Teton,
Sugar-Salem), Girls (Sugar-Salem, Teton).
10/19 5A District III--  Big upsets in 5A as Capital Boys and Vallivue Girls upset top ranked Rocky
Mountain to win District titles. D. Stucker (Mer) 15:58 & E. Hamlin (Boise) 18:28 win boys and
girls race.  State Team Qualifiers Boys (Capital, Rocky Mountain, Boise, Meridian, Centennial),
Girls (Vallivue, Boise, Timberline, Rocky Mountain, Mt. View).
Coach Hill's Predictions
Have fun with these prediction!!!
Final 2012 Rankings
Team Rankings               Individual Rankings
State Champions
Couer d'Alene Girls
Emily Hamlin-Boise
Rocky Mountain Boys
Dwain Stucker-Meridian
Middleton Girls
Rachel McGovern-Poc.
Pocatello Boys
Elijah Armstrong-Poc.
Sugar-Salem Girls
Olivia Redd-Sugar
Teton Boys
Caleb Moosman-Teton
Soda Springs Girls
Sierra Manzer-Melba
Logos Boys
Conrad Larson-VC
2012 State Results
Pantalones Rapidos (Fast Pants)
or Couer d'Alene Girls
Dominate NXN putting all 5 in the top 30
and all five in the top 20 team scorers.
Elijah Armstrong finishes
3rd at NXN Northwest
and earns a birth to the
NXN Finals in Portland.
Most Cross Country
historians in Idaho agree
that the 1984 Highland
Boys Team is the best boys
team in Idaho XC history.  
Now we have a Girls Team
that stands out well above
the others.  They put 4
runners in ahead of 5A &
4A State Champs Emily
Hamlin and Rachel
McGovern.  There State
performance ranks as one
of the best ever, but their
NXN performance was
stunning with 4 girls under
19:00, and #5 19:17.  
Truely the Best Ever!!!!
NXN Link