5A Boys- My pre-season favorite is Eagle High which returns 7 in the top 25 from last years State
Meet.  They look to be the early favorites, but this is going to be a huge battle among some very good
teams.  Mountain View likewise returns a very good young team and had a very deep and solid JV.  
Defending Champs Boise returns 3 in the top 20 and always is a factor in October.  Two other teams
that return a solid crew are Highland and Cd'A.  Highland led by
D. Farnsworth I believe will be very
strong, and Cd'A with the 1-2 combo of Track sensations D. Norris and C. Curtis are going to play a
large role in the State Title race. I think I would rank them this way: 1. Eagle, 2. MV, 3. Boise, 4. Cd'A,
5. Highland, 6. Timberline.  Individually
Dallin Farnsworth (Highland) I believe will win the State Title.  
If someone can beat him, it will most likely be Cody Curtis or David Norris (Cd'A).

5A Girls- Pre-season rankings has Mountain View ranked as one of the Top 25 teams in the nation, so
I guess I better go with them as my pre-season favorite.  However Boise pulled the upset last year and
once again have the returning runners to be the spoiler again this year.  The other team that could factor
into the mix is Vallivue, if they can find a 5th runner, WATCH OUT.  These three team appear on
paper as the only ones in the mix, but time will tell how other teams evolve.  I'll rank them this way: 1.
MV, 2. Boise, 3. Vallivue, 4. Highland, 5. Eagle, 6. Cd'A.  Individually Kinsey Gomez (Cd'A) I think
will win her 3rd title.  Her biggest threat will probably come from Kate Jamboretz (Boise), but there
may be a new freshman sensation somewhere.

4A Boys-  I believe there are 4 very good teams in this division this year. Defending Champs Twin
Falls once again returns a solid nucleus and top runner in Eric Harris, but Hillcrest, BK and upcoming
Rigby are going to give them a great battle.  Hillcrest led by 2-mile record holder Tyler Crofts and
getting a few new move-ins along with a solid group of returners will pose I think the biggest threat to
Twin.  BK and Rigby also appear to have a very solid group coming back.  Once again we will see soon
who had the better summer of training and how well they develop.  It for sure will be one of the better
team races this year.  My pre-season picks:  1. Twin Falls,  2. Hillcrest, 3. Rigby, 4. Bishop Kelly, 5.
Kuna, 6. Jerome.  Individually I'm picking Tyler Crofts (Hillcrest), after his incredible 3200 m at State
Track, I think he is the real deal.  If Someone can beat him, it will probably be Erik Harris (TF).

4A Girls-  Bishop Kelly has to be everyone's pre-season favorite with 5 returning from last years top
20 and their experience as NTN Regional Champs. They are lead by 2-time champ Emily Nist and just
seem unbeatable. I believe those running for 2nd place are Hillcrest, Mountain Home, Twin Falls,
Preston, and Jerome.   Hillcrest returns 4 solid girls and are getting a tough freshman Sarah Powell, so
they may surprise.  Mountain Home has 6 solid State experienced girls and will be in the trophies come
October.  Here are my picks:  1. BK, 2. Hillcrest, 3. Mountain Home, 4. Twin Falls, 5. Preston, 6.
Jerome.  Individually Emily Nist (BK) will continue her quest to be the only 4-time champ in Idaho
History by winning her 3rd Title this year.  I believe everyone else is running for second.  There is one
girl that I think has the talent and could derail E. Nist Title hopes, and that is Hannah McInturff
(Century).  Her swimming will play probably the biggest role in this scenario.

3A Boys- I picked it correct in the pre-season last year picking Sugar over Teton, but this year Teton
will I believe be back on top after winning in 2008 and runner-up last year.  They return 6 in the
pre-season Top 20.  No other team even comes close in the pre-season polls, and I don't think any
team will even come close all year.  After Sugar lost J. Powell to Hillcrest I'm having a hard time finding
another team that even returns more than 2 solid runners.  The trophies are wide open this year.  
Bonners Ferry, Timberlake, Sugar, and Weiser probably have the best shot at a trophy.  My picks: 1.
TETON, 2. Timberlake, 3. Sugar, 4. Weiser, 5. Bonners, 6. Kimberly.  Individually, with Gooding
going to 2A and taking M. McHan down, my pick is Brandon Garner (Sugar).  He is always consistent
and solid.

3A Girls- I picked Timberlake to break the 6-time team streak of Bear Lake last year in the pre-season,
and they did it.  This year they have to be the early favorites, and a strong favorite with the next 2 best
teams (Gooding, McCall) moving to the 2A divisions.  This really weaken the 3A division.  Despite this
lose there are two pretty good teams returning a solid bunch.  Bear Lake and Weiser both have a top
returner and will be in the hunt for the trophies.  My picks:  1.Timberlake, 2. Bear Lake, 3.Weiser, 4.
Teton, 5. Sugar, 6. Buhl.  Individually, Track Star Alice Keller (Salmon) I believe will win this year.  
Her confidence just continues to grow and she continues to improve.  Defending Champ M. Palmer
(Weiser) will have something to say about this, and is the best threat to her title hopes.

2A Boys-  Two years ago it was Firth and West Side finishing 1 point apart.  Last year it was Soda and
Firth 3 points apart.  This year it will probably be just as close as there will be some very good small
school teams.  Looking at the returning groups, Challis, Westside, and Soda seem to be the 3 teams that
will battle for the title.  Pre-season favorite is probably Challis, I think they have the up front guys along
with solid depth.  Defending Champs Soda looks were solid with an incredible pack and could pull it off
again.  Westside however without a doubt I believe has the most talent after there 2009 track season,
they just need to find a 5th and 6th runner.  If they do, watch out.  My pre-season picks: 1. Challis, 2.
Westside, 3. Soda, 4. Firth, 5. Declo, 6. Melba.  Individually, 2008 Champ Caden Portela (Firth) is my
biased pick.  Healthy I believe he will win his 2nd title.  There are a couple of others I think could pull
of the title, Mike McHan (Gooding), Ty Tritthart (Challis), and Josh Hatch (WS).

2A Girls-  Soda Springs has won four Team Titles in a row, but this year will probably bring about a
strong challenge to #5.  Soda lost a good group of Seniors, however I know they have a very good new
freshman class coming, so they will still be a major contender.  In fact they are still pre-season #1 and I
think they rightfully desire this rank.  The teams that will challenge this title run is Gooding, McCall,
Cd'A Charter and Firth.  With the addition of very good Gooding and McCall teams the 2A ranks will
look a lot different this year.  McCall, Gooding and Firth return 3 in the top 20 and Cd'A returns 2 top
20 girls.  Also Cd'A and Firth are getting very good freshman, so this is going to be an incredible team
race.  My picks: 1. Soda, 2. Firth, 3. Cd'A Charter, 4. McCall, 5. Gooding, 6. New Plymouth.
Individually there could be a dozen different winners like: Tylee Newman (WJ), Jocelyn Allen (NF), A.
Bullers (Gooding), C. Hansen (Butte), K. Traughber (Butte), Sadie Lott (Cd'A),  and others......
Pre-Season Predictions
Based on known returning runners and new freshman.