5A Boys- This seems to be a no brainer with Eagle High which return 6 of their 7 runners from last
year State Title team.  They return 5 in the Pr
eseason top 20 and had a very deep JV squad last year.  
But there is always surprises that pop up.   Those surprises could come from a number of schools,
Timberline has a good returning group and lots of excitement in the program.  Skyline was young and
could make waves this year in Boise.  CDA has a very good squad returning and could be the dark
horse from the north.  Never count out Boise or Mountain View as they are powerhouse programs that
seem to always reload. Highland led by D. Farnsworth could make a run with his leadership.  Bottom
line I think Eagle just has too much and will win come October.  I'll rank them this way:  1. Eagle, 2.
Timberline, 3. Highland, 4. Cd'A, 5. Mt. View, 6.Skyline.  Individually
, Dallin Farnsworth (Highland) I
believe will win the State Title.  If someone can beat him, it will most likely be Justin Ross
(Timberline), and if Cody Curtis (CDA) runs like he did in the spring, watch out!!

5A Girls- Preseason rankings has Mountain View ranked #1 and I would have to agree with the past
State results.  They like Eagle
Boys return 5 in the Preseason Top 20, with #1 ranked sophomore S.
McKinnon leading the way.  They lost very little to graduation and return a solid JV squad that should
push them to the top again in 2011.  I just hope to see them race a little more against Idaho's best.   
Looking at other teams and not knowing yet what new freshman might emerge on the 2011 scene, I
would have to guess as to the teams that might unseat Mt. View.  A couple that might have what it
takes is Vallivue, Boise, or Eagle.  Vallivue and Boise returns the most experience with each 3 in the
Top 20, but Eagle I felt under pe
rformed at State last year and have a very good young squad.  Eagle
might have learned a great deal from their Boys and if they bring their best could really turn thing
upside down in 5A Idaho.  I'll rank them this way: 1. MV, 2. Eagle, 3. Boise, 4.
Vallivue 5. Timberline,
Rocky Mtn.  Individually Kinsey Gomez (Cd'A) is finally gone, so it opens the door to a number of
new comers
.  S. McKinnon (MV) is preseason #1 and had a great track season and carries the favorite
title right now.  It all depends on who had a good summer or what new freshman emerge on the scene.  
A couple others that could play into the mix after good track seasons are V. O'Neil (Boise), and C.
Trapp (Vallivue).

4A Boys-  After graduations and the latest moves I think this one is wide open in the team race. Twin
Fall lost Lundgren, who in now running at Buhl, big hit. Hillcrest lost a couple top twins to Pocatello.  
Wood River lost 3 of their top 5 to graduation. With all this it is hard to predict who will emerge as the
team to beat.  I would have to go with Hillcrest right now as they return the most back on the
Perseason Top 20, and they always tough in late October.  Wood River and Twin Falls will also be
strong and have a legit shot at the Blue trophy.  Jerome, Pocatello, Rigby and Madison might be the
teams under the radar but will definitely mix things up at the end.
 Once again we will see soon who had
the better summer of training and how well they develop.  It for sure will be one of the better team
races this year.  My Perseason picks:  1. H
illcrest,  2. Jerome, 3. Rigby, 4. Wood River, 5. Twin Falls,
6. P
ocatello.  Individually I would be crazy not to pick defending champ Eric Harris (Twin Falls).  If
someone can beat him, which I doubt, it might be D. Williams of (BK), or D. Perry (Rigby).

4A Girls-  I know this sounds like a broken record, but Bishop Kelly has to be everyone's Perseason
.  Lead by 2-time champ Emily Nist and a host of other very experienced girls this team might
be one of those for sure bets. I think I have said this before and been wrong so here are a few team that
might on a perfect day knock BK off their throne.  Jerome has a chance with the upfront girls but will
have to add depth.  Hillcrest with a solid pack could maybe pack attack for the win.  Skyview returns a
good group and could really surprise in late October.  But if I were a betting man, my money would
have to be on Bishop Kelly.
 Here are my picks:  1. BK, 2. Hillcrest, 3. Skyview, 4. Jerome, 5.
Preston, 6. M
oscow.  Individually, Emily Nist (BK) I believe will regain her crown and become a 3-
time champ.  B
ut as last year showed there may be someone that could surprise the State.  Of the
known runners that could pull the upset I would say they are; M. Clegg (Jerome), or H. McInturff

3A Boys-  Last year I picked Teton, and they did not disappoint.  This year I will pick, yes you
guessed it TETON.  They return too much, and had a strong JV group to fill any holes that may have
existed from graduation.  If what I hear is correct about Lundgren from Twin Falls moving to Buhl,
watch out Teton, they are going to be very good.  Buhl already returned 3 in the Top 20 and one just
out of the 20, so with Lundgren they will be a huge threat.  There are a few other teams to mention, but
only have an outside chance; Kimberly, Salmon and Bonners Ferry.  I just think Teton and Buhl will be
the top of this class.
 My picks: 1. Teton 2. Buhl, 3. Bonners Ferry, 4. Kimberly, 5. Bonners, 6.
almon.  Individually, with K. Lundgren (Buhl) moving down he assumes the favorite role over C.
Moosman (Teton)
and Brandon Garner (Sugar), but watch out anything can happen.  

3A Girls- Two Time Champs Timberlake has to be the favorite as the return all but one of their top 7
from last years title team.  Lead by A. George they have a good up front group and solid depth.  Last
year I overlooked a team in preseason that almost pulled off the upset of Timberlake, so this year I
better include Sugar Salem.  They return a strong group and gained a couple new transfers that will
likely make them a top contender.
A few other teams that had young teams last year that could mix up
the trophies in Boise are: Teton (young but great example from boys), Snake River (watch out a
possible sleeper) Weiser (always a District 3 power).
  My picks:  1. Sugar Salem, 2. Timberlake, 3.
eton, 4. Snake River, 5. Buhl, 6. Weiser.  Individually, Track Star and Defending Champ Alice Keller
(Salmon) w
ill undoubtedly win, the question is just by how much. Keller continues to improve and
become not just the best at 3A but I'm betting the Best in the State and one of the top harriers in the
2009 defending champ M. Palmer (Weiser) will have something to say about this, and is the
best threat to her title hopes.

2A Boys-  My top 4 preseason picks last year turned out to be right on the money.  Challis pulled off a
close win over Westside with Soda and Firth not too far behind.  This year there is no clear favorite.  
Challis is preseason #1, but lost a lot to graduation, Westside lost even more and Firth was also hit
hard.  The most likely favorite at this point is Soda.  They bring back the most on paper, but Challis is
also posed to make a run if their young guys can step up.  Declo and Greenleaf could also surprise on
the right day.  
My Preseason picks: 1. Soda, 2. Challis, 3. Greenleaf, 4. Westside, 5. Declo, 6. Firth.  
Individually, 2
010 took its toll with graduation, many of the top guys were seniors and will be missed,
but Defending Champ D. Crevelt (Cascade) is back along with T. Olsen (WS) and C. Larson (VC).  
These three should give us a great race to watch, but Crevelt should win again.

2A Girls-  Soda Springs has now won five Team Titles in a row, and look posed to win a few more
with the young group that led the Cardinal last season.  There are a couple teams that could spoil their
dreams if they falter.
The teams that will challenge this title run is Gooding, and Firth.  Gooding and
irth both have good leaders and front runners, their depth might just be the question against Soda.  My
picks: 1. Soda, 2. Firth, 3. G
ooding, 4. McCall, 5. Nampa Christian, 6. New Plymouth. Individually
defending champ C. Hansen (Butte) is back, summer injury may slow her for a while, but she will be
strong when it counts.  T. Newman (WJ) is a Senior and hungry for a title, watch out she is super
talented.  Likewise
K. Traughber (Butte), K. Yamauchi (Soda) and R. Youren (Gooding) could contend
and make it one great race
Preseason Predictions
Based on known returning runners and new freshman.